A difficult decision

Dear Ad Astra Writers Conference registrants, fans, and followers:

I have some sad news to share. Because of low registration, we’ve had to make the difficult decision to cancel the Ad Astra conference. This is disappointing, I know, but as director of the Center for Great Plains studies, I saw no other alternative. Refunds are being processed for those who have registered. Starting a new writing conference is never easy, and we tried our best, but the stars simply would not align for us. For those of you who showed your support by registering for the conference, liking our pages, or sharing our posts and tweets: Thank you.

We would like to keep the spirit of Ad Astra alive, however, by continuing to maintain our Facebook Page, our Twitter feed, and our blog as places where writers can continue to congregate. Plans remain for the Tallgrass Science and Nature Writing Conference for April 2018 on the Emporia State campus.

Again, thank you for your support. And keep writing.


About maxmccoy

Novelist and journalist. Author of a few books. Won some awards. Plays guitar. Writing a biography of the Arkansas River and some other stuff. Teaches at Emporia State. Director of the Ad Astra Writers Conference.
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